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Infant • Toddler • Preschool • After School

We serve families with children between the ages of 6 weeks and 4 years. Care Providers at BCLA prepare weekly lesson plans that follow a curriculum that fosters growth in infant/toddler developmental milestones including first steps and self-feeding. Your child will have access to materials and tools that will help them advance academically and develop age-appropriate social skills. 

We also provide After School tutoring,  and recreational activities for children between the ages 5 years - 12 years old until 6:00 pm. We now offer full day services for children aged 5- 12 during school closings.  Full time  Summer camp is also available for all age groups.  Pick up services are available, in select areas in Brooklyn  for an additional fee. Please contact the Director to inquire about pick up and drop off services.



6 weeks - 23 months

Milestones for Infants:

We use an assessment tool, provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in order to track our infants' individual skills and development by their age.  We implement techniques that help foster social, cognitive, language and physical growth.

Infants will build their gross motor skills with age appropriate toys such as soft building blocks. 

Toddlers & Preschool 

2 years - 4 years

Milestones for Toddlers:

BCLA follow a creative curriculum that allows providers to create lesson plans based on a monthly theme. Our children are introduced to topics such as fighting germs (health), the body and five sense (science/identity), shapes & numbers (math), colors and letter recognition (language and reading). Your toddlers will engage in creative activities such as arts and craft, pre-writing practice and spark activities. 

After School

5 years 12 years

(Full-Day Services for school closures)

Tutoring and Extracurricular:

We offer tutoring services and homework help for students aged 5-12  between the hours of  3:00 PM and 6:00 PM. We also extended full day services for school aged children . 

We work directly with your child’s teacher in order to create a personalized plan to help your child achieve academic excellence. Full day students will receive free breakfast, lunch and snack prepared by a certified food handler.  They will engage in spark activities and team building exercises. 

Family Involvement

At B.C.L.A, we believe that in order to meet the needs of our students, we must cooperate with our families! We provide you with resources to practice at home with your children. We also provide developmental resources for family members seeking work opportunities, going back to school and much more! We also invite our family members to join us for community building celebrations at the end of selected units. Family members are even invited to volunteer on specified days. Feedback and suggestions are ALWAYS welcomed in order to improve our quality of service!

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